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'Construction Camp' at CMR High School

Construction Camp held at CMR High School
Cutting wood at Construction Camp
Learning to measure at Construction Camp
Posted at 3:45 PM, Jun 18, 2024

GREAT FALLS — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on 'Construction Camp' at CMR High School.

Below is the video transcript provided by Paul Sanchez:

The build has begun here at Construction Camp. Fifth and sixth graders from the Great Falls Public School District have come together to learn about construction.

Mark Yaeger from Great Falls Public School had this to say. About five years ago, superintendent. Assistant Superintendent at the time, Tom Moore came to me, and he wanted to do something with Workforce for the elementary schools, and, we decided on a construction camp because construction was one of the workforce areas that we were in need of in the Great Falls area.

This three day camp, teaches these kids how to measure, cut, and build a project that will be given back to the community.

Katie Hanning Executive Officer at Home Builders shared this. They start off by learning how to read a tape measure. You know, I come to this every year just to get a refresher. So, I mean, there's a lot of adults that can't read tape measures, so that's real. They have a great trick for that. The kids really learn to do that. And then they're going to learn to use band saws, chop saws. They're going to do some sanding. And they're going to have a product at the end that goes and helps our community.

Katie adds, it's really exciting. kind of thrilling, actually. We're putting kids behind saws and letting them make a great project that's going to go to Toby's House this year, and they're getting hands on and they're they're digging it. They love it, makes me a little nervous, but they're having a great time.

These kids are learning construction and life skills that will build them a better future, home and community.