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Dandelion Foundation hosts annual color fun run

The run is a fundraiser for the foundation
Dandelion Foundation color run runners
Dandelion Foundation color run start
Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 03, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Despite the rain, there was no shortage of runners participating in the Dandelion Foundation's one mile and 5K color run on Saturday, June 3.

Dandelion Foundation hosts annual color fun run

"It's kind of just a fun way to get the community together out here. It's our main fundraiser of the year. This is our only one this year," Dandelion Foundation Event Coordinator Grace Fleming said.

If you don't know what a color run is, people throw colored powder on you as you run.

"You can walk or run, bike, strollers, whatever you want to do," Fleming explained.

The Dandelion Foundation is an organization that works to prevent family violence and child abuse through education.

"We'll go out to other organizations or businesses or really any group of people who wants to learn. We'll teach them ways you can help in your community or ways that you can recognize it in children that you work with every day. Or, maybe you're babysitting or you work in a childcare facility," said Fleming.

Cameron Gumm was one of the 5K runners.

"(My) wife was, like, 'Hey, there's a 5K for child abuse awareness. I was, like, 'Okay, let's just do it.' She works at Play n' Learn Academy, so I support everything they do," Gumm said.

He also understands the importance of the work the Dandelion Foundation is doing.

"Kids don't really have a choice about who they grow up with or who they're born to, so if they're being abused they need the most help because they don't always have a voice to share that information," said Gumm. "So it's extremly important to get out here and support the kids who don't have that voice and need that help."

"The Dandelion Foundation, we're here to help. If you have questions or concerns or you just need someone to talk to or run things by, reach out to us," said Fleming.

A message the foundation will continue to run in constant pursuit of the ultimate finish line, a world without family violence and child abuse.