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Deaf dog in Great Falls needs a loving home

Deaf dog in Great Falls needs a loving home
Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 07, 2022

GREAT FALLS — The Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center in Great Falls is on a mission to find a loving home for Lotus, a two-year-old dog who has been in the shelter for almost a year.

During that year, she has captured the hearts of many of the employees and volunteers.

“She just wants love all the time and I know that's why she’s my favorite,” said vet tech Nicole Stephanski. “She does get nervous around new people, but once she warms up to you, she is the perfect dog.”

Lotus is deaf, however, which has turned away some potential "adopters."

Nicole explained, “When Lotus came in she wasn’t super responsive, but sometimes they’re just not responsive anyway because it’s a new environment and new people. So it took a while and really it was about a week or so that I was just like, okay, she is not responding, and we figured out that she is nearly entirely deaf.”

“I think that because she does get so nervous at first, she can be very overwhelming,” said Nicole. “She barks a lot and families aren’t quite sure if they can commit to that.”

But whatever she lacks in hearing - she makes up for in love: “She is just so sweet, and I know that with the right family she would thrive.”

The adoption center is at 900 25th Avenue NE in Great Falls. Click here to visit the website for more information.