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Falls Quilt Guild show wraps up in Great Falls

Great Falls hosts Falls Quilt Guild show
Posted at 7:59 AM, Apr 14, 2024

With about 200 quilts on display, vendors from all over the state were in Great Falls, showing off their unique talents, for the 2024 Falls Quilt Guild Quilt Show on April 12-13.

Suzan Seery, the 2024 featured quilter, shared her quilting journey with everyone in attendance.

“I started quilting in 1997, my sister got me interested in it, [and] I’ve never sewn before, so I started quilting. My mom and my sister and I are really interested in 1930s and 1940s quilts. So, I was really fascinated by the 1930s depression era reproduction fabrics. So, most of my quilts you see here are from that depression reproduction era,” Seery said. “I like vintage things, vintage sewing machines and everything that goes along with it [and] I have foot sacks from the 1940s.”

The Falls Quilt Guild believes in using their talent to give back to the community. They do this through their various programs, including ‘Adopt-A-Bear’ where they provide small quilts and teddy bears to sick children in hospitals.

“This year, Uptown Optimist has been supportive of the ‘Adopt-A-Bear’ program, and so, we're very grateful to them for, supporting, partnering with us, and supporting us,” said Seery.

Quilting takes time and patience, but for the Falls Quilt Guild, the finished products, and opportunities to give back is what’s rewarding for them and what keeps the quilt show so popular.

“It’s something you can do with your friends; you can quilt together [or] by yourself. But it's just it's such a community of just lovely people that you meet, and in the quilt stores and, you know, talking about fabric and planning your next project,” Seery added.