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Foothills school celebrates new soccer field

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Posted at 3:08 PM, Oct 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-09 17:13:10-04

GREAT FALLS — After years of hard work and persistence, members of Foothills Community Christian School along with the people of Great Falls got to experience the school's new soccer field, located at 3400 Flood Road.

Players got the chance to warm up on the field, followed by a ribbon-cutting hosted by the Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

Foothills Head of School, Matthew Zwicker stated, "this field is not only about Foothills Community Christian School. Like it says in our name, we are a school that wants to be in our community, so at the same time of wanting to bless the church, we also want to bless the Great Falls community at large with a brand-new soccer field."

During the planning phases, members of Foothills said they wanted to host sporting events not only for the school, but for the community as well.

Former Foothills Administrator and Basketball Coach, John Fried said it has been a goal of the school to have a field for quite some time.

"This is something that we've dreamed about for 20 years," Fried said. "We started our high school sports 21 years ago, and we've never had a home field that we could call our home. This is our home now. We have some place that we can go and call home."

Students noted the field provides a "homefield advantage," which is something they've never got the chance to experience.

"Having the new soccer field is not just a really cool advantage, but an opportunity that we have," said Anabelle Cox. "We don't have to use someone else's field anymore. We have our own home field where we are able to really represent our school more."

"I think it offers a better place for our soccer team to feel more at home, and we have a place that we consider our home field," said Sibyl Rutter.

Those who took part in celebrating the new field said it was thanks to the hard work and collaboration whether it'd be from students, staff, families, and members of the Great Falls community.

"We're a school filled with people who are passionate about the lord and passionate about kids and furthering Christian education here in Great Falls, but also in assisting families, in providing Christian education," said Zwicker. "With all these people who are on board with the vision, we've had people who donated thousands and thousands of dollars. We've had people who donated their time, and its thousands and thousands and thousands of hours. without them, we wouldn't be able to have this field that we have here today.”


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