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Foothills school gets a big check from Jersey Mike's sub shop

Posted at 6:21 PM, Nov 20, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Jersey Mike's Subs delivered a big check to Foothills Community Christian School in Great Falls on Monday to celebrate their successful fundraiser with the sandwich shop.

From October 25th through 29th, Foothills partnered with Jersey Mike’s to raise money.

The school’s Parent Teacher Fellowship distributed coupons for a free sub sandwich to the students, as long as they donated five dollars to the school.

The Parent Teacher Fellowship holds fundraisers to support the teachers and staff at the school, and usually earn about 20 percent of profits from the restaurants.

However, Jersey Mike’s gave the five-dollar donations right back to the school and gave away sandwiches completely for free.

“Jensen and I have three stores open today, we have eight in development, and there’s only one in Great Falls,” John Vagner, the Franchise Owner of Jersey Mike’s Subs said, “And I got to say what you guys did collectively, at Foothills Community Christian School, you’re in the top five of a five-day-fundraiser in Jersey Mike’s History.” 

Vagner was grateful to the school community, and impressed upon the students that they were able to make a difference for their community.

“Yes, we gave away thousands of dollars of free food but… it’s worth it,” Vagner said, “This is why we do what we do.”

The school raised $6,505.13, which was a huge success for both the school and Jersey Mike’s Subs.