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Getting healthier could pay off - literally

Thinner Winner
Shanda Leritz
Posted at 5:00 PM, Jan 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-11 13:25:11-05

All Shanda Leritz wants to do with her time at Peak Health & Wellness in Great Falls is motivate others to create a healthier lifestyle. That is why she is heading the Peak’s annual Thinner Winner Challenge.

The challenge is a six-week weight loss-based challenge that combines a six-week Peak gym membership, access to a certified trainer, a food plan, and exclusive workouts to jump start an effort to create healthier lifestyles. By utilizing a machine called the Inbody 370, the trainers are able to look at the muscle mass gained, and fat mass lost over the course of the six-weeks.

“We use the beginning test and the last test for a total of two tests to figure out exactly how much overall change you have and that is how we determine the winners," explained Leritz.

To participate in the challenge, a team of four to six members are required with one being a non-member. “Teamwork makes the dream work so, to make it work, we need a team of four to six people and within that four to six people, they will help build your camaraderie, that sense of community, and hopefully motivate you to keep going.”

The team that has the greatest overall change (increased muscle mass and decreased body fat) wins a $1,000 cash prize; individual prizes will be awarded as well.

Since 2013, the Peak has offered this challenge at the beginning of every year. With setbacks during the pandemic, Leritz described the positive impact that the challenge has had on previous participants.

Shanda Leritz
Shanda Leritz

She explained, “It makes me emotional talking about this but one gentleman personally reached out to me, thanking me, and basically said ‘Thank you so much. Without this challenge I would have probably been an alcoholic and probably overweight’. So through the challenge, he was able to stay healthier over time and that means a lot to me that something as simple as a six-week challenge can have such an impact on someone’s life.”

The challenge is set to begin on January 15th and run through February 24th, and Leritz encourages teams to sign up now. “We really want people to be healthy and live the life they want to live and go out and do the things they want to do. So, that's what this challenge means to me and what I hope I can help everybody that signs up this year to experience as well.”

For more information, contact Shanda at 406-727-7325 or, or click here.



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