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GFPD and GFPS address rumors of school threats

School shooting threat in Great Falls
Posted at 8:55 AM, Sep 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-28 21:01:13-04

The Great Falls Police Department says that people should expect to see an increased police presence today at public schools in Great Falls.

In a news release, the GFPD says that investigators have been tracking a "concerning image" that likely originated through social media, and has been shared many times across the community.

The GFPD noted that the image and implied threat are not specific to any school, or even to Great Falls or Cascade County.

School shooting threat in Great Falls

The news release states: "GFPD and GFPS always take threats of this nature seriously and will act as swiftly as possible, within the bounds of our legal authority to identify and deter any potential threats. Starting or sharing images of this nature should understand it is not funny and could result in criminal charges."

The GFPD added: "Please be cognizant of the information you share and the impact spreading misinformation may have on others. Disseminating rumors based on hearing only a portion of the story, or sheer speculation, is not only irresponsible-it can be dangerous. We remain committed to ensuring the safety of Great Falls’ youth and appreciate those who support us in that endeavor."

GFPD and GFPS are investigating a possible school threat

Due to the current stage of the investigation, no other details are being released at this point. We will update you if we get more information.

Tensions are running high after two incidents at Great Falls High School this week.

On Monday, a student was taken into custody after a threatening message was received by students that said, “Gonna shoot up the school today :))”.

On Tuesday, GFHS was briefly placed in lock-down status after a student reportedly assaulted two teachers.