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Great Falls airport announces first tenant at Light Industrial Park

Great Falls airport development
Posted at 4:09 PM, Jun 25, 2024

The Great Falls International Airport Authority, in partnership with Dick Anderson Construction, have been working to build light industrial building bays for about three years. Now, the first one is completed and has already been leased.

Peterbilt, a trucking dealership operated by Jackson Group, will be occupying the entire phase 1 of the new airport light industrial park, which is about 7,500 square feet of bay space.

John Faulkner, airport director, said, “We're really excited to bring them into the community. Obviously, a lot of trucking activity happens in our community.”

Business bays are available to lease or buy, no matter how big or small your business may be.

“Here in Great Falls, we don't have a lot of ready-to-go light industrial space, particularly light industrial space that has city utilities, and so as we've looked at that across the landscape in the community, we think there's a need for it to allow businesses to move here, allow small businesses that are just getting started to find a place that they could either rent or buy to get their business started,” said Faulkner.

The Airport Authority was searching for a good way to use their 300 acres of available land, and decided a light industrial park would drive Great Falls economically in a positive way, allowing for more businesses to move into the Great Falls market.

“It has a lot of the features you'd be looking for in an industrial bay, but we're getting the efficiencies of building these all together with a shared wall,” Faulkner added.

The new light industrial park is located on the I-15 Frontage Road, near the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office. Additional phases of the project are being planned, and more bays will be available to lease or buy.

“This project is the first time we've actually gone out and built some of our own space, so we've actually gone out with Dick Anderson and constructed this building for the purpose of attracting tenants into the development,” Faulkner said.

Contact the Great Falls International Airport Authority for information on how your business or company could get a space in one of these light industrial building bays. Call (406) 727-3404.

“To see the building get completed and then leased all at once at the end has been very rewarding, and kind of a proof of concept for us. We're excited about the potential for development down there. We have 300 acres along the interstate, and we really feel that that could be an economic engine for our community. I know Peterbilt is already hiring people in our community, and so, we're really excited to see them coming in,” added Faulkner.