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Great Falls artist unveils new sculpture for River's Edge Trail

Posted at 2:39 PM, Jan 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-26 16:41:48-05

GREAT FALLS — You might not know his name, but if you’ve ever walked on the River’s Edge Trail in Great Falls you almost certainly know his work.

“I like metal working as a hobby. I donate most of my pieces to the Rivers Edge Trail,” explained Alex Smithson, the metal artist behind some of the city’s most prominent sculptures.

So why the chameleon? Alex had pet chameleons in the past and has made smaller chameleon sculptures before as well.

This larger piece is a challenge to himself to create a larger lizard… almost six feet long!

But his art isn’t just in Montana. Alex has a large guitar in Sturgis, South Dakota; an acorn in Michigan; and many smaller works all over.

He also has several places around town that sell his smaller works.

He says that welding and art keep him happy. He would love some help from the community though. Maybe your old tools can even be part of his art! Alex is always looking for donations of materials and old scrap metal or tools.

Click here to check out more of Alex's work.


Alex Smithson