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Great Falls businesses saying "thank you" to essential workers in our community

Posted at 7:21 AM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 09:28:53-04

GREAT FALLS — In the midst of financial struggles and health scares, some Great Falls businesses are taking the time to say ‘thank you’ - by offering essential workers tokens of their appreciation.

We reached out to see which businesses are going above and beyond to let their essential workers know they care -through discounts, free meals, gift certificates, or even letters.

We received over 45 responses highlighting various businesses in the Electric City -from shops like Motifs for the Home that use their proceeds to pay for essential workers' meals to boutiques like Klover who write handwritten cards for those on the front lines.

Plenty of local restaurants and coffee shops also serve up some thanks by providing discounted or free meals so workers can have one less stress on their plate.

Amy's morning perk is encouraging others to pay it forward so the essential workers we often forget- grocery store employees, mail handlers, and food workers - can get a taste of the community love.

Amy's morning perk owner, Amy Roberts said, “I believe that they just don't get recognized as much as other people do. and again they're working 24 hours to keep everybody going with the groceries and the mail. and i think they deserve a little bit of something as well.”

This week Roberts is encouraging others to pay it forward for our essential grocery workers and next week, she'll do the same for mail carriers and restaurant employees.

Below are a list of participating businesses and a description of how they’re helping:

  • Amy’s Morning Perk - encourages customers to pay it forward so essential workers can enjoy a free drink
  • Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe - free coffee for on-duty first responders, Monday: 20% off for First Responders, Tuesday: 20% off for Teachers, Wednesday: 20% for Military; Pay It Forward Account for Medical and Food Service Workers so they can have a free meal up to $20
  • Bright Eyes Cafe - 10% off every day; Pay It Forward board so customers can pre-purchase items for those in need or essential workers
  • Teriyaki Madness - If you pay half of health care worker/first responder’s meal, TMAD will cover the rest
  • Papa John’s - free meals distributed to essential first responders
  • Tracy’s - 25% off discount for essential workers on the front lines (fire dept., police officers, EMT’s, hospital workers, etc,)
  • Klover: With each purchase of $50 or more, Klover is giving away one $25 Klover gift certificate to an essential worker of customer’s choosing and a hand hand-written thank you note
  • Motifs For The Home: using 20% of proceeds from shirt and sweatshirt sales to purchase meals from local restaurants for healthcare workers

We’d love to hear about more businesses showing they care. If you know of a business that’s showing their essential workers some extra love, please share their story with us via Facebook or email.