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Great Falls Clinic donates $18K+ to Holy Spirit Catholic School

Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-26 17:58:15-04

GREAT FALLS — In an effort to support children's education, The Great Falls Clinic donated $18,700 to Holy Spirit Catholic School in supporting their science and math program.

Great Falls Clinic Chief Practice Officer, Caryl Perdaems explained why the Clinic selected Holy Spirit.

"This donation started mid-summer. We had some conversations with our physician providers, and some in particular wanted to make a donation. We asked them what would they choose to donate to, and they thought, science and technology in our schools. Some had alignment with Holy Spirit, and so it made sense for us to support our providers."

The school hosted an assembly in celebration of this donation. Holy Spirit Principal, Melissa Hallahan was struck by the hard work Great Falls Clinic and other supporting members put into this project.

"Wow, wow, and wow," said Hallahan. "It's unbelievable the community support that we have at our little school."

Donations to the school will consist of math and science textbooks as well as one-to-one chrome books, which Hallahan says is needed due to the school's increasing enrollment. Other additions will include new teacher curriculum texts as well as classroom charts and materials. The science lab will also benefit from this donation to procure new lab equipment for middle school students.

"Anything in that math, science, or even in the arts, we're seeing a lot of students wanting to be in the medical field, engineers, and we need to support that at a young age, so that they're able to fulfill those dreams later."

Representatives of the Great Falls Clinic noted, in healthcare, they recognize that providing fundamental learning and support materials in the primary phase of a child’s education will encourage curiosity, and hopefully, foster future scientists.

"We're always trying to plant seeds early with our students and children in the community, and being loyal," said Perdaems. "We feel like we're loyal to patients we serve in the community, and in supporting the families and their children in the community. We would love for them to support us. It's a great working relationship and partnership. Partnerships are important to us, but most importantly, our community, we love them, and we just want to show support for our community."