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Great Falls Clinic expanding into former Centene facility

Great Falls Clinic is expanding into former Centene facility
Great Falls Clinic is expanding into former Centene facility
Posted at 7:07 PM, Dec 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-26 10:25:21-05

Great Falls Hospital continues to grow, announcing the purchase of a new building on December 13th.

“The Great Falls Clinic and Hospital are pleased to announce, in partnership with Catalyst Realty, it is expanding its campus,” the Great Falls Clinic news release said. “This growth will take place on what was the former Centene Corporation campus.”

Located at 2000 26th Street South, the building expands the Clinic’s footprint and is currently being used for administrative services.

“The main footprint, if you will, it's about 42,000 square feet,” said Bradley Weast, the Chief Operating Officer of the Great Falls Hospital. “We're going to host administrative services there. Business office(s), accounting, marketing, things like that. Nothing that is directly tied to patient care, but just strictly administrative services.”

The plot of land is a considerable size that could be helpful in the future for the Hospital. As for what could be built on the land, Weast is waiting for the data to tell.

“We want to have the right demand signals,” Weast said, “That is where we’ll focus on establishing an anchor for some service, something that complements what will ultimately go into that main, you know, hospital, if you will, or that main clinical footprint once it materializes.”

This announcement follows the October opening of the new tower on the hospital’s campus, which is one of many expansions taking place at the hospital. The expansion is due to the increased recognition Great Falls Clinic is receiving along with an increase in patients.

“The community gravitating to Great Falls for the quality care that we provide and being able to do that consistently over the last three years, even being recognized as a five-star hospital,” Weast said.

The plot of land also secures additional parking for the hospital, which will be beneficial when patient service care moves to the property in the future.