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Wanted: patients for Great Falls College Dental Hygiene Clinic

Emily Smith
Posted at 12:29 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-14 16:44:16-04

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls College Dental Hygiene Clinic is preparing for their upcoming summer semester, and with a new semester comes the need for new patients.

“Summer semester we really ramp up,” said Rachael Bruce, Dental Hygiene Program Director. “We're here every day of the week in the summer.”

Rachael Bruce
Rachael Bruce

The Dental Hygiene Clinic is a teaching facility, and the best way to get experience is hands-on. Unfortunately for the students, it can be difficult to find people willing to pay to be a student’s patient.

“It's extremely difficult,” said Emily Smith, a recent graduate from the Dental Hygiene program. “A lot of students either have their family members help them if they, like, live in Conrad or Havre, but some students are from out of state. So definitely social media, like Facebook.”

“We've had students come here from out of state who have actually paid for family members and friends to fly here to get some of their requirements met,” Bruce said.

The cost is $40, with discounts for seniors, children, and military members. The sessions take a few hours, as students take thorough care to go through checks and make sure they are learning everything they can.

“We get checked on everything,” Smith said. “And that's what I've heard from my patients, that they really appreciate, is like I'll do it and then my instructor will check it. Then it's like just having that extra set of eyes is another huge benefit too.”

Emily Smith
Emily Smith

Reaching out to the Great Falls College MSU Dental Clinic and signing up is a great way to help the community, as you are helping the students further their education.

As an incentive, you can enter to win a free electric toothbrush and iPad.

“It's so special to work with a student who is trying to better themselves and in this career field,” Bruce said. “And you are going to come away with a very thorough cleaning and everything else that we do here.”

The students are very appreciative of those willing to volunteer their time, and hope to see you in the dentist’s chair soon.

You can call the dental clinic at 406-268-3726 or 406-771-4364, or click here to visit the website for more information.