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Great Falls dogs competing in 'America's Favorite Pet' contest

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 05, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-06 18:30:12-05

Dogs are usually considered man's best friend, and their owner's favorite pets, and soon, a Great Falls canine might be considered America's favorite pet.

Michael Leamon adopted Sadie several years ago and they haven't left each others sides since then. "She is my whole life. She's like my daughter," Leamon said.

He entered her into a contest for America's Favorite Pet and Sadie is in the top five for voting. "I was quite shocked to be honest. To see her still in it is surprising but just great."

Michael Leamon and Sadie
Michael Leamon and Sadie

The winner gets $5,000 and will be featured in Dogster Magazine. The website says they are partnering with PAWS, a nonprofit aimed at helping cats, dogs, and other animals thrive, whether it's in a home or their natural habitat.

Leamon added, "I don't know how we were brought together, maybe just sheer luck. She was the only dog I looked at that day at the shelter. I knew she was the one. Knowing she's a rescue and doing this well is just great."

Bryan Hollstein of Great Falls also has a dog ranking high in the voting. Bryan says of his dog Skeeter:

The little goof has been through many things since we first found him kicked out of a Apartment in the cold. He was only a physical handful then. Wouldnt change the experience he has given us. Has attitude but what a lap dog. Been a couple months since he lost his 2nd eye to glaucoma. It so awesome how he has adapted to his loss of sight.
Bryan Hollstein - SKEETER

Click here if you would like to vote for Sadie. Click here if you would like to vote for Skeeter.

Votes can be made once a day or you can buy more votes, then a percentage of the funds is donated to PAWS.

The contest website states: "The Competition is operated as part of a fundraising campaign (“Campaign”) for DTCare, a United States 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Donations raised from PAWS Votes cast during this Competition go directly to DTCare, which will subsequently grant the donations, minus Competition fees (29.5%) and variable costs (including payment processing fees, operating and prize costs, etc., not to exceed 20.5%), which shall include a nominal percentage (1%) retained by DTCare, to the Designated Grantee listed below. DTCare retains exclusive custody and control over all funds raised during the Competition."

The grand prize winner will be announced on March 31.