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Great Falls gym launches fitness challenge

Shanda Leritz
Posted at 7:17 PM, Dec 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-29 21:19:58-05

The Peak Health & Wellness in Great Falls is bringing back an old challenge geared toward motivating Great Falls residents to be healthier.

The "Thinner Winner Challenge" is a six-week, team-based weight loss program that is open to everyone. The team that loses the most percentage of body fat over the course of six weeks wins a prize of $1,000 dollars.

“We’re looking at overall change. So we want to have people lose body fat and then gain muscle mass,” said Shanda Leritz, the fitness director at the Peak. “We have a formula that we use to find out overall change. We want everyone to be healthier overall.”

Non-members are encouraged to try the challenge out as well. Signing up will give everyone access to both main and west-bank centers, as well as access to classes and trainers to help aid in the fitness journey.

“This is a community-based program. We really want to help great falls be healthier, and it’s so much fun. There’s so much energy, and it’s just always been a successful program for people to see a lot of positive results like feeling healthier, looking healthier, and being able to just do things that they weren’t able to do prior to the program.”

The challenge has been a big hit in the past, especially last year due to the pandemic.

“We ran this through in 2020, and there was a decision made by the coaches and by the participants to keep it going. A particular participant from last year said that if it wasn’t for this program during the pandemic and the motivation from his teammates, he wouldn’t have been able to stay on track and not drink any alcohol. Instead, he ate healthy and stayed working out and ended up doing really well” explained Shanda.

The cost is $69 for members and $129 for non-members

Sign-ups are open until January 6th. If you're interested, call 727-7325, visit the website, or pop into the Peak’s main location at 1800 Benefis Court. You can also email