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Great Falls hosts Montana Association of Student Councils

Great Falls hosts Montana Association of Student Councils
Posted at 8:43 AM, Nov 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-13 11:36:46-05

GREAT FALLS — The Montana Association of Student Council 2022 was hosted at the Heritage Inn in Great Falls. Student Council members from around the state of Montana came together reflecting upon their accomplishments along with their needs and goals moving forward.

In previous years, the conference only had a couple hundred students, partially due to some challenges in terms of bringing all of the attendees together.

Helena High School student Charles Fox said, "we were expecting 200 kids to come to the state conference, and we had nearly 500 show up. It's just the interest is peaking here, the state conference, it's been hard to throw it in the past couple of years with COVID, but our executive team is doing a really good job. Great Falls has done a good job. Now we kind of just threw it together and honestly, it's been super fun over the past couple of days."

CMR High School student Abbie Virts stated, "There's about 480 students, which is really quite a lot coming from all over Montana. And so it's really good to have we have 667 schools represented here. And so that's a really diverse area. And so I think it's really good to incorporate everybody and get everybody involved."

Students from each of their schools listened in on what their roles and duties are as members of student council, understanding the value of serving as a leader, and being a representative.

The conference also brought in former NBA player and CMR graduate, Josh Huestis, who gave his advice on what it means to effectively be a leader and how to overcome challenges.

"I think it's super cool to have all these leaders in the same spot and connecting and communicating and kind of networking with each other. And it's super cool to be leading these leaders and be up on the stage and just starting all of these events," Virts said.

Students said this year's conference was a big success, noting the high amount of attendance. Fox said it demonstrates how much the students value character and humility. He also noted that collaboration plays a major role in an event like this.

"Great Falls has done an awesome job of broadcasting this opportunity around the state," Fox said. "We've had nearly 500 kids, which is just been incredible to see the passion that's coming out of these people that are coming, the friendships that are being made, and it's just really cool to see that happening."