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Great Falls pasty restaurant now offers wholesale option

Mrs. Wright's Pastys in Great Falls
Mrs. Wright's Pastys in Great Falls
Posted at 2:35 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-22 19:59:57-04

GREAT FALLS — There will now be a new way for you to get a popular restaurant's namesake item, as Mrs. Wright's Pastys in Great Falls is going wholesale.

That means businesses can now order pastys from the restaurant and sell them.

The pastys are a pastry stuffed with meat and vegetables and served with gravy.

Owner Paulette Wright has a deal to sell her pastys in IGA grocery stores in Great Falls. She's had also contacted several other businesses in the area.

"We want to get our product out there more, and I'm by myself most of the time. I have a daughter who helps me as well. My husband always said 'Wouldn't it be great if they could be for sale while we're sleeping?' So we want to get them out in grocery stores or restaurants,” Wright explained.

Paulette Wright

Wright opened her shop at 1008 20th Street South in 2019, and explained at the time, “This is my mom’s recipe. My mom died when I was 21. I remember making pastys with my mom as a kid. I’ve worked the recipe and worked on it, it would never come out right. But I finally figured it out, there was a trick, it’s not my secret and I will not be sharing that.”

If you are interested in selling the pastys or know someone who is, contact Wright at 406-750-8852.