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Great Falls Police Department warns of telephone scam

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Posted at 1:10 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 15:50:01-04

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Police Department is warning people about a telephone scam - one in which the caller claims to be "Lieutenant Otto" and says that you have outstanding warrants.

There is an officer with the last name of Otto at the GFPD - but he is Captain Otto. And the rest of the call is bogus, too.

The GFPD posted on Facebook on Friday, March 25, 2022:

SCAM ALERT! Don't fall for this, warn your friends and family (especially elderly).
  • They are spoofing our number, it looks like we are calling from 406-727-7688
  • They say they are Lt Otto (he is a Captain)
  • They say you have warrants
  • They say you can pay to get rid of the warrants
  • They give you 406-924-0663 as call them back at

The GFPD explained that law enforcement agencies do not collect money for warrants, and will never call you about a warrant. They advise people to not give callers any personal information.