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Great Falls Police Department welcomes a new officer

Jordan Aliperto
Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 21:27:24-04

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Police Department welcomed a new officer to their team on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, in what they see as a major step in ensuring the safety of our community.

Jordan Aliperto is the new police officer, as he was sworn in at the City Commission chambers. At 21 years old, he is ready to start his career serving in the line of duty. But his story isn't a typical one.

Aliperto said, "Starting out, I had some interest in law enforcement, I took some classes in high school, went on a ride-along, I enjoyed it, however, then I got a football scholarship, decided to take that opportunity because not a lot of people have that opportunity to move to the next level when it comes to athletics. Getting into my career in college, I knew that it wasn't for me because it's just how I wasn't wired. I couldn't sit behind a desk forever."

Family played a big role in his decision, too.

"My brother actually worked at the Sheriff's Office at the time," Aliperto said. "When I moved back home from college, my brother introduced me to the Sheriff's Office. I applied there, fell in love instantly, and just dove into it and knew that law enforcement was where I was called to be, where I wanted to be."

As Aliperto transitions into his new role with the Great Falls Police Department, he knows there is no better place for him to serve.

He said, "When the opportunity arose to get hired, I saw and I knew that's where I wanted to be, and I knew the Great Falls Police Department has a lot of amazing people and their officers hold themselves very well and they maintain professionalism to another level, and that is something I really wanted to be a part of, and so I took that opportunity to become a police officer and I'm excited."

Jordan Aliperto

While the community gained a new officer, the Great Falls Police Department says hiring is still a challenge.

Lt. Doug Mahlum noted, ""We're challenging people to look inside themselves and become a part of something bigger than just themselves. Our community needs it, and quite a bit of personal reward comes out of just seeing what you're doing and doing the job in your community."

Click here if you would like more information about becoming a GFPD officer.