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Great Falls Salvation Army gets new officers

Officers most recently served in Denver
Great Falls Salvation Army officers
Posted at 9:38 AM, Jul 20, 2023

GREAT FALLS — In June 2023, a new era began at the Great Falls Salvation Army chapter with husband and wife Maj. Nancy and Mike Halverson taking over as the chapter's newest officers.

As Maj. Mike Halverson walks through the halls of the Salvation Army office, he's happy to greet any staff members he encounters.

Since arriving, he and Nancy had been busy settling in to their new roles.

"Getting to know what actually happens here at the Salvation Army, the staff, and just kind of observing for the first couple weeks to see where we're going to fit and how we can help," Nancy said.

The Halversons come to Great Falls after serving for three years in Denver, Colorado.

Mike is originally from Washington state. Nancy was born in Newfoundland, Canada but grew up in California.

Mike's family has a long history with the Salvation Army, starting with his grandmother working at a Salvation Army thrift store in the 1980s.

"A Salvation Army officer at that time came and invited her to the church. So at first, me and my mom were the ones coming then my dad and my brother kind of came in after that. My parents are Salvation Army officers. They're retired now, but they were 28 years in the ministry service. My brother and his wife are also in the Salvation Army," Mike explained.

Reaching people through ministry is their main focus, but it's not their only focus.

"We're also very interested in getting involved in the sports leagues and different things that we have going on here and just being a resource to people when they come in," Nancy said.

August 16 is Salvation Army night at the Great Falls Voyagers game. Tickets are $13 and $4 of every ticket will go to the Salvation Army. Click here to buy tickets.

The Halversons expect to be in Great Falls for three to five years.


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