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Great Falls schools working to feed students during closure

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 20:36:26-04

GREAT FALLS — Schools in Great Falls are closed but still working to provide breakfast and lunch to students.

A bus full of food will be at each school to pass out food times vary depending on the school.

They ask that you please treat it like a drive-through - stay in your cars and bring your children so they know how many meals you can get.

Stella Bell, a 7th-grade students, says her family depends on the school lunches: “Because usually when I’m at school and my little brother is at school, we don’t really have the food at home and since the school shut down, we don’t really have that food at home to really feed us so we come here."

The food service will be open Monday through Friday.

In addition, GFPS is accepting donations to help serve the children. Becky Nelson, GFPS Community Relations, says that Food Service Staff is serving over 1000 lunches and 1000 breakfasts each day to any child in our community under 18 years of age at various locations: schools, parks, GF Rescue Mission and Parkdale.

She said it is difficult to imagine how many lunches will be served at the end of two weeks with no school, and provided the following information:

1. Our food pantries in the GF public schools are empty. This is a critical time for our food insecure folks in our GF community. Please take any food to your nearest school - elementary, middle or high school. They are all in need. They are open from 8:00 - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday. Anything you can spare or purchase is good, and we suggest the following:  Peanut butter  Tuna fish  Jelly Butter  Noodles  Spaghetti sauce  Tortilla shells  Salsa  Cereal  Bread  Butter  Orange juice

2. If you would like to skip grocery shopping ~ please use Great Falls Public School Foundation website to donate funds (paypal online). Designate “food pantries” in the memo and it will be used to purchase food.

3. Mail your $$ support to Great Falls Public School Foundation: designate “food pantries” in the memo. 1100 4th Street South. Great Falls. 59404.

4. GFPS HANDS Daycare (emergency daycare for emergency workers – police, highway patrol, medical workers) – is in need of packaged snacks for children. Please bring to the school office (District Building ATTN: Carol Paul) or directly to Lewis & Clark Elementary. Thank you in advance for your generosity ~ you are making a difference with your gifts and our youth.

Here is the schedule: