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Great Falls woman celebrates leap year 'Sweet 16'

Katie Kotynski leaps into her sweet 16 birthday
Katie Kotynski has waited 64 years to celebrate her sweet 16.
Posted at 8:17 AM, Mar 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-01 12:32:12-05

Katie Kotynski has waited 64 years to celebrate her sweet 16. Born on February 29th, 1960, Katie was born on a leap year. Technically, her birthday comes once every four years. Friends and family gathered at the Highwood Club, ready to surprise the unsuspecting birthday girl with her sweet 16 party.

Katie walked into the room bursting with laughter and joy, greeted with smiling faces eager to celebrate her unique milestone.

“I thought something might have been up,” Katie said when asked if she was surprised by the party. “I was happy to see some people here that don’t live in Great Falls, all my friends. I was definitely surprised.”

Susan Anderson was one of the friends who organized the party. Having met Katie through their mutual love of hiking and outdoors, Susan said that they couldn’t wait to throw a celebration for her.

Susan said, “It's nice that we have an opportunity to give back to her after all the things that she has done for all of us. Katie is just a very special person because she's created so many great opportunities for hiking and exploring in Montana.”

Surrounded by love and laughter, Katie expressed her gratitude for the unexpected celebration, making her leap year birthday an unforgettable experience.

Katie and her husband Tom
Katie and her husband Tom