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Great Falls woman competing for national 'Bar Boss' title

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-09 11:23:55-05

GREAT FALLS — Bartending is a skill that takes years to master, and even then, it is hard to know who the best of the best is. "Breaking Bad" costars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and their mezcal company Dos Hombres teamed up with Bar Boss to find the best bartender, and one of the contestants is right here in Great Falls.

Lyla Brown owns Magpie, a bar on Second Avenue South, and is a master at her craft. However, she does not want to be one of the best. She wants to prove that she is the best, and she’s doing it through the Dos Hombres Bar Boss competition.

“The Bar Boss competition is basically the best bartender in the United States,” Brown said.

The winner receives $10,000 and gets to be on the cover of Bartender Magazine.

“I am eager to get to the top because it would be a huge thing for me to be on the cover of the magazine,” Brown said.

Lyla Brown making her signature Spanish Coffee

As for the money, Brown intends to use it to help pay for a Montana state liquor license, which would make sure Magpie could continue to operate in the future.

Brown has been working in the industry for 20 years and knows what it takes to be the best. Although she still wants to prove herself, that does not mean she hasn’t appreciated all she has accomplished.

“This is like the tip of my pyramid of owning my own bar,” Brown said, “And that was something that was always like a dream that I was going to have, how I stumbled upon this dream totally wild. But where we're at now, every day I wake up and I am just counting my blessings on how how we got here and where we're at.”

Every one of Brown’s cocktails is her own, created out of countless hours of tasting, testing, and sampling different concoctions. To Brown, winning this challenge would not only show the world her skill, but show her customers that she is serving them with a true passion for the craft.

“I have put so much work into every customer that I have that walks through this door,” Brown said, “…I feel like it would just be something not just for me, but for them to see that there is somebody that actually did care for them and love them.”

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