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Honor Guard program launches at Cascade County Sheriff’s Office

Honor Guard program launches at Cascade County Sheriff’s Office
Posted at 9:56 AM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-25 12:34:25-05

GREAT FALLS — Members of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office’s Honor Guard team gathered this week to train. While Honor Guard teams are common in law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff’s Office’s team is only a couple months old.

"I think it's a pretty important asset to have,” Honor Guard member Jamie Carr said. "This just helps us not only give back to the community, the citizens of Cascade County, but for events to honor veterans, to honor deputies that have passed, or just in general events to represent the Cascade County Sheriff's Office.”

Honor Guard member Casey Gervais said having the team is important to Sheriff Jesse Slaughter.

"It was a big implement that the Sheriff wanted to do as part of his view for where the Sheriff's Office is going,” Gervais explained.

Being members of the Sheriff's Office first-ever team is a proud moment for the members.

Honor Guard program launches at Cascade County Sheriff’s Office

"It's huge shoes to fill at the same time because we are the first to do it so we want to represent our office and our legacy the best we can and really start to create a tradition of honor,” said Honor Guard member Austin Nenow. "You can definitely see our improvement from when we first got together to now."

Carr echoed that sentiment.

"If we're working a funeral, we're that last image of the deceased to the family. So it's really important for us to do those trainings and recruit quality candidates, candidates who want to be here, because again that's the last representation of that family member. It's important for the family and it's important for us as well,” said Carr.

The team also works in conjunction with other Honor Guard teams across the state.