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Inaugural ArtsFest MONTANA bringing new murals to Downtown Great Falls

Twenty-one people attended the workshop
Posted: 5:40 PM, Aug 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-23 20:20:50-04
ArtsFest MONTANA bringing 4 new murals to Downtown Great Falls

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Business Improvement District, in partnership with Great Falls Montana Tourism and NeighborWorks Great Falls, is hosting the inaugural ArtsFest MONTANA.

ArtsFest kicked off on Friday with internationally-known artist Cameron Moberg hosting a workshop.

The workshop introduces Montana artists to the ‘how-to’ installation of large-scale project and what an artist should be able to charge for mural work.

Twenty-one people attended the workshop. They were able to put their newly-learned skills to the test shortly after the workshop, by helping Cameron with new murals in Downtown Great Falls.

Workshop participant Heather Kunz did not originally plan to attend the workshop - she brought the class some coffee and was asked if she wanted to join.

Heather said, “My husband’s building is actually is one of the ones that the murals is being installed on, so I’ve been really engaged with what was happening. It’s just incredibly cool.”

During the workshop Moberg explained the history and development of graffiti art and how it became an art versus just tagging.

Heather explains that the graffiti art just draws people in. She said, "I was walking down this street for the Wednesday night concert and I looked at the wall and I thought ‘There are like 5 people over there right now taking photos in front of this what was a blank, pale, dirty wall a year or so ago,’ and now it has become a destination and it has literally changed the landscape of Downtown Great Falls."

Eventually there will be new murals on the buildings of Enbar, O’Haire Motor Inn, DragonFly Dry Goods, and Speaking Socially.

BID Community Director Joan Reeden said they are already planning next years ArtsFest MONTANA and hope it becomes an even bigger event.

Next year’s ArtsFest MONTANA will be held on August 21-24, 2020.