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Library Mill Levy will be on the June ballot

Great Falls Public Library
Posted at 5:48 PM, Mar 29, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-29 19:54:42-04

There have been many questions lately regarding whether or not residents would be able to submit ballots voting on a potential levy in June that would have a significant impact on the Great Falls Public Library. Now those questions are starting to be answered.

Great Falls Public Library director Susie McIntyre says they have their answer.

"There was a bunch of confusion about whether the election would be able to be held. We've done a lot of work communicating with the elections office and various stakeholders, and I'm really happy to say that the elections office has confirmed that the election will take place on June 6th as scheduled," she said.

She added that this levy will determine what the library can do with the services if the levy passes. The library will be able to expand services for the community. If the levy fails, they will have to reduce their services.

"We'd be looking at expanding to seven days a week and increasing some programs if the levy passes," McIntyre said. "If the levy fails, or if we weren't able to hold a vote, then we'd be looking at, then we'd be looking at severe cuts to staffing and services so I'm very glad the elections office has worked through issues and people will be able to have their voices heard."

We tried to contact Cascade County Clerk & Recorder Sandra Merchant last week, but she declined an interview. We followed up on Wednesday, March 29th, asking for another interview but did not get a response.

There will be a special meeting at Montana ExpoPark on March 31st at 2 pm, going over the upcoming election in June; click here for details.

Click here to view the complete presentation of the mill levy proposal, or click here for information on the Library website.

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