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"Lights On The High Plains" set to return soon

"Lights On The High Plains" set to return soon
Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-28 02:19:00-05

Brian McVay is like many people in that he puts Christmas lights up every year. What sets him apart is the quantity of lights. This year, McVay plans to show off more than 38,000 lights to people at his home for the "Lights on the High Plains" show he does every year.

He usually aims to have the show on Black Friday, but shipping delays are preventing him from showing the magic to the community.

“This is my fourth season doing the light show. There’s a lot that goes into it with the props, the designing, the computer aspect of it, the program that we use to synchronize our lights to the music and stuff,” McVay said. “I don’t know how many hours or dollars goes into it but it’s a 365-day hobby for me. I love doing it.”

He spends most of his afternoons preparing for one of biggest light shows in Cascade County, which has grown every year he’s done it. He hosts the show at his home and continues to set up what he can while he awaits orders.

“It’s just a struggle. We ordered back in July to get the stuff sent on the slow boat and they’re inexpensive. This year, they’ve almost doubled. And we have no control over that. It’s been a struggle ever since. This year is far worse than last year,” McVay said.

And although he is still waiting to flip the switch on his display, he continues to help people set up their own homes with the help of someone who’s been doing it a while.

“I have people all over the country that I help one-on-one with their setups. I had a guy in Reno just message me 'thank you.' I do it because I love doing this,” McVay said.

Here is video from last year's display:

McVay is also using the show to raise money for several Great Falls organizations. He partners with the Great Falls Childrens Receiving Home and the Peace Place to raise money for them.

“People will hand me money and I’m like, "Oh, this isn’t for me,'” McVay added. “They’re awesome people, I love working with them.”

Despite the delays, McVay says the show must go on. He doesn’t have a starting date set, but he does plan on having his biggest and best show yet.

If you are interested in donating or helping set up the lights, or for more information, click here to visit the Facebook page.