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Magpie opens in Great Falls

Magpie recently opened in Great Falls at 202 Second Avenue South
Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-03 16:52:07-04

GREAT FALLS — Magpie recently opened in Great Falls at 202 Second Avenue South.

The restaurant consists of an outdoor patio, with the menu ranging from fruit-infused cocktails to grub items such as hound dogs, and street tacos.

The restaurant is owned by Andrew and Lyla Brown.

When asked where the name "Magpie" came from, Andrew said, "In my first camping trip back to Montana, my wife and I were preparing our dinner, and we turned around to throw something on the grill, and when we came back, Magpies had stolen all of the food that we prepared."

Andrew said the idea behind the restaurant is to have quick grab-and-go food, while also having a cocktail that is served through a mason Jar.

They said they developed this idea about four years ago, and describe it as a "cozy eats smaller restaurant."

"Originally, we were big beer nerds, and so we wanted to do something exclusively with beer," Andrew said. "But we had the opportunity come up where we can do this infusion, cocktail drinks where we shake them in our mason jar, and the reason for the whole counter service, and quick services, when my wife and I, who is the other owner, when we met, we spent a whole lot of time eating at food trucks, and so kind of the idea was to bring that to life, that's why our theme is patio life, everything is outside. You are waiting outside for your grub, we even have an outside window that you can order form, so that was kind of our whole idea behind it."

Magpie opens in Great Falls

As the new cocktail bar and restaurant takes center stage in Great Falls its first week, they said they are overwhelmed by community support, 

"Honestly, we are so pumped and so positive the way things have been going for us," Andrew said. "We have been getting such good rapport from guests, and the downtown other business owners, managers, have been giving us so much knowledge and advice that our hiccups haven't been as bad as I feel that they could've been."

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