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Meet Tim McGonigal: The Anchor of the KRTV News Team

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Posted at 1:51 PM, Jun 17, 2024

GREAT FALLS — One of the most vital roles in a news team is that of the anchor. As the name suggests, the anchor is the person who holds everything together, ensuring the smooth delivery of news stories. At MTN, Tim McGonigal stands out as the most senior member of the team, bringing a wealth of experience to all aspects of journalism.

A Day in the Life of Tim McGonigal

Tim McGonigal begins his day much like the rest of us. "We have a morning editorial meeting at 9:30 where we go over everyone’s stories," he says. "Ideally, we'll give people tips and ideas for their stories or ways to shoot them."

But unlike many of us, Tim isn’t just a specialist; he wears multiple hats. "I anchor and report primarily. Sometimes I produce, which involves putting the show together. I anchor the 5:30 and 10:00 news on both KRTV and KXLH, so most days I’m involved in four shows," he explains.

The Multitasking Anchor

Tim’s role extends beyond just delivering the news. He often finds himself reporting and producing the shows simultaneously. "I take tips from people and try to turn those into stories, setting up interviews and covering features, like a kid doing something extraordinary or a hard news story about someone who feels wronged. If I'm producing, I start looking through what we have for our newscast, either from us or from Helena, and check other stations for interesting stories."

Commitment to Journalism

Despite the evolving nature of the news industry, Tim remains dedicated to the core principles of journalism. "This is a great business. It’s changed a lot since I started, but the basic part of it remains the same. We strive to be impartial, fair, and accurate. I know that sounds cliché, but I think that’s what sets us apart."

Behind the Scenes

With the weather updates in place, stories shot, and the anchor ready, the final step is production and directing, ensuring that the broadcast runs smoothly and reaches viewers.

Tim McGonigal’s multifaceted role and unwavering commitment make him an integral part of MTN’s news team, bringing reliable and engaging news to the community every day.

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