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New member of Great Falls Emergency Services - a very good boy

Medic is a Cocker Spaniel, and while may not be an EMT, he is truly the "goodest" of boys.
Great Falls Emergency Services has a new team member - and this "Medic" has four legs and a tail.
Posted at 5:22 PM, Jan 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 10:38:17-05

Man’s best friend is stretched a little further to start the new year. Great Falls Emergency Services officially adopted a stray dog after over a month of searching for its owner.

Medic may not be an EMT, but this working Cocker Spaniel is the “goodest” of boys.

His job interview was simple – he just showed up at the front door one day. No application or college education under his collar, they took a chance on welcoming him into the office. Over a month went by searching for his previous companion and they were nowhere to be found.

The next step was onboarding.

Manager Justin Grohs and his new mother Misty bought him a uniform with a nametag. Medic’s job – “Morale Booster.”

“For folks who are running some pretty tough, difficult calls, seeing people at their worst come back to the station that's welcoming and have this friendly helper to give them a lick and to give them a pat or scratch behind the ears.” Said Justin Grohs of Great Falls Emergency Service.

Medic loves his forever owner, Administrative Assistant Misty Groves, and the team says that he can be shy when she isn’t around. If you offer a treat and a scratch, Medic is a pal for life.

“He's definitely not a guard dog, but he is. He's a good dog and he's just, you know, just nice to be able to come back and give him some lovin’s and having him sit in your lap for a little bit and give him some treats, give him some of your lunch, all that kind of stuff.” Shared Elijah Barnhill and EMT.

Medic takes naps, steals snacks, and runs the office. He also gets some time outside for some fresh air and a potty break.

“He's just here for us and he's kind of that relaxing calm in the station. He's a very chill, calm dog. And in a job that is not often calm, it's nice to have that.” Said Katelyn Throckmorton, EMT as she took Medic on a walk.

When the day comes to an end, Medic goes back to his new home with 50 acres, to gear up for another hard day at the office.

“He’s kind of a permanent addition to the operation here.” Added Grohs.