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Paris Gibson Square hosts Military Arts Day

Ellie Weber
Posted at 5:10 PM, Nov 04, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is celebrating Military Arts Day through the lens of artist Morton Levin.

The Square wanted to have a day “To celebrate and give thanks to our military active duty, veterans, families, and friends.”

The day was designed to celebrate the second year of the Veteran Arts Program, which meets every other Wednesday from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

The day’s events, which were organized by Director of Education Ellie Weber, included hands-on art lessons, tours of the exhibit “Il Maestro! Works by Morton Levin: A Centennial Celebration”, and viewings of a short documentary on Levin.

The art lessons included Observational Drawing and Wonderwash Printmaking, both of which were mediums Morton Levin excelled in.

“You take an existing image and you're printing that image,” Weber said, “There's an image transfer technique on the printmaking paper.”

Morton Levin was a world-renowned artist who died in Butte in 2020. He had painted since a young age, and continued to work on his art when he was fighting in World War Two.

“Because, while he was away at war he carried three pencils, his primary colors, his red, his blue, and his yellow,” Weber said, “And he would draw almost every day and then write correspondence home.”

Also in attendance for Military Arts Day was Alanna Zrimsek, Levin’s widow and muse. Portraits of Zrimsek cover the walls of the exhibit, as she gave personal anecdotes to his work.

“’Well, why don’t you come and pose for me in that dress?’ And that first painting, the girl with the dahlias, is actually the dress that I got in Paris,” Zrimsek said, as she gave background information for a specific portrait of her.

For more information regarding Military Arts Day, click here or check out “Il Maestro! Works by Morton Levin: A Centennial Celebration” at The Square before December 13, 2023.