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Paris Gibson Square will host a film festival

Paris GibsonSquare Museum of Art
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-25 20:06:58-05

GREAT FALLS — Art museums aren’t typically known for films, but the Paris Gibson Square is expanding their horizons again with their second annual P2 film festival.

Their first festival was done online last year and Sarah Justice, the director of Paris Gibson Square, said it was very well received. This year, they are having their first in-person viewing and hope to bring more people to not only see the Square, but the filmmakers’ different styles of work.

“I think it serves part of our mission in engaging with the community and bringing contemporary art to Great Falls,” Justice said. “We love all kinds of art and not just paintings but films, movies, anything like that is welcome here. Last year went great and this year we’re expecting the same. There are all different kinds of art and film you can’t just find anywhere and that’s what we want this festival to be. It’s a great addition to Paris Gibson Square.”

This year there will be five filmmakers showing off their work. One artist is from Montana, but the Square takes pride in bringing in artists from all over to bring their uniqueness together.

The artists were selected by a committee of voters and there were more than a dozen submissions this year. It has become an international event, with one of this year’s selections coming all the way from France.

The Square’s main goal is to not only enhance Paris Gibson Square, but also enhance the art community and provide something new you don’t see every day.

Father Tim Ljunggren is a co-creator of the film festival and loves how much individuality is involved in this year’s festival. He thinks the in-person viewing will be a huge boost to the museum and the festival.

“I got to thinking last year during lockdown that it’d be exciting and new to have a film festival here. They jumped on it and we got to work. Last year was new and exciting and this year will be new as well with the live viewing,” Ljunggren said.

“I think that with it being international is a draw to people. They all have their own unique way of approaching their craft. You can’t go to a movie theater and see this stuff. The square is a great place in and of itself, but we think the film festival is a great addition. I’m very excited for this year. There’s more engagement with patrons and people that visit and that’s a big part of it for me.”

The live showing will be Friday evening at 6 pm and the event will continue into the weekend. Click here for more information.

Paris Gibson Square is at 1400 1st Avenue North.