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Plan now for summer seed success

Posted: 8:12 AM, Feb 16, 2020
Updated: 2020-02-16 10:16:41-05

GREAT FALLS — While the harsh winter months don’t make for an ideal growing season, the experts at Great Falls Ace Hardware say that now is the time to start your seeds.

Greenhouse manager Pat Parker said getting an early start can ensure a more successful growing season.

“Seed starting is when you buy your package of seeds, and plant them at home to try to grow your own tomato plants, rather than going to the store to buy the tomato transplants the nurseries have started,” Parker said.

To make sure growers get a shot at a plentiful planting season, Parker teaches a class on growing techniques each week.

“You have to start early enough, that’s the reason we have this class earlier so that people have a chance to decide what they want and how much they want of that variety of that plant whether it’s a flower or a vegetable,” he said.

Parker said the Great Falls growing season begins in June, but since it only lasts three months, it’s important to start your seeds early.

“If you started it the first of May, they’re not ready to go outside until the middle of June and by that time you’re too late - you’ve gone through a quarter of the growing season,” Parker said.

This week, Parker taught the class how to start their seeds successfully by using water, light, and heat to ensure the seeds' growth.

Next Saturday’s lesson will focus on Vegetable Garden Planning and What is New for 2020. The class will take place at 215 NW Bypass in Great Falls. For more information, call Ace at 406-216-5050.

Admission is free.