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Play It Again Sports now open in Great Falls

Play It Again Sports
Posted at 6:43 PM, Oct 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-31 20:50:32-04

GREAT FALLS — Paul Sanchez: There's a new sport store in town, but they do business a little different. They want your sports equipment and gear. That's right. Bringing your slightly used sports gear and equipment and they'll buy it. Cash on the spot.

Daniel McCullough: So we want to buy gear from the public and all the stuff that they're not using. We just give them cash right on the spot. There's no loopholes, no hoops to jump through. Just come in and give us your stuff. We pay cash out the door. That's simple.

Paul Sanchez: So bring in your slightly used sports equipment and clothes from baseball to golf, football and hockey and any other sport out there.

Brad McCullough: We're from Great Falls. You know, we had a grandparent that had a local business here. My dad had a local business here. My brother and I each come from a construction background. We've had construction companies here, and it was just time, time to try something different here. We kind of always were aware of this need. And, you know, coming from a different background, we weren't sure how to fill it. And the more we, you know, kind of opened our eyes to play it again, sports, the more we knew this was the this was the ticket. This is what Great Falls needed.

Paul Sanchez: So if you have a Birthday, Anniversary or saving up for that special gift, guys, bring all your sports gear to Play It Again Sports and get her something nice this year!

It's located at 1115 10th Avenue South. For more information, click here.