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'Ready? Set. Spring!' craft vendor show in Great Falls on Saturday

Posted at 4:44 PM, May 16, 2024

Two stay-at-home mom small business owners turned friends have joined forces to organize a craft vendor show.

"Ready? Set. Spring!" will highlight several small businesses in Great Falls.

“We started, ‘Ready? Set. Spring!’ because there's not enough shows,” said Rachel Benhart, owner of K & H Little Hart Designs. “I feel like there's so many small businesses in the Great Falls area, and other surrounding areas, and we just wanted to start one our own. There's enough room for everybody to grow, and we have a bunch of small business friends and family that also have crafts that they want to share with everybody.Everyone that's coming is from Montana, and it's just Montana owned crafts and everybody just kind of doing what they love.”

The show will consist of a wide variety of vendors including custom t-shirts, homemade candles, tumblers, and so much more.

“We both kind of do the same thing, a little bit different, but we're also supporting each other. Just moms supporting other moms,” Benhart said. “We just always are motivating each other to do our work and get our orders done.”

They wanted to keep their show fairly limited, being their first time putting on a show, but they are hoping to expand the show in the future to include even more vendors.

“The reason why this show is going to be a good option, I would never say it's better than the farmer's market because the farmer's market is wonderful, but it's to present an opportunity for vendors who can't get into shows, to get into these shows,” said Laura Wheeler, owner of Ohtana Designs. “I’m passionate about helping other small business owners get started.”

For an opportunity to support small businesses here in Great Falls, be sure to check out ‘Ready? Set. Spring!’ on Saturday, May 18th from 10am to 3pm at the Holiday Inn on Fifth Street South.

For more information, call Rachel at 406-403-9428.