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Ribbon-cutting for 'High School House' in Great Falls

46th High School House Ribbon Cutting
Posted at 5:14 PM, May 23, 2024

GREAT FALLS — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on the ribbon-cutting for the 46th "High School House," built by students in Great Falls.

Below is the video transcript provided by Paul Sanchez:

I'm here in Great Falls, as we get ready to cut the ribbon of the 46th High School House built by the hands of our high school students.
Sophia Madsen Senior at CMR High School tells MTN News her story.

While I was in that class, they have posters up of all the high school house students, and from then on I knew I wanted to be a part of the program.

Kevin Mellinger Neighborworks Construction Project Supervisor tells us about the High School House Program. The main part of this program is getting a hands on experience, whether it is building a house, learning to deal with problems on the go, problem solving with other people, and understanding that you're benefiting a very need in this community, which is building affordable housing.

Sophia continues to share her story. Surprisingly enough, I loved the roofing the best and different than what you would normally do is, we didn't have hand nailer, so it was all by hand. You nailed everything by hand. And it was just it was an enjoyable experience for me. It was hard labor, but it was really fun because it was not too much thinking.

These students have put in many hours learning and building this new home.

Pete Pace GFPS High School House Instructor was excited to share this. Yeah, we're excited it's the 46th house we built here in Great Falls, giving students a remarkable opportunity to learn these skills, use all these tools, use, have all these advanced materials in their hands, providing training not just for themselves, but for this community and to boot, revitalizing a neighborhood here in Great Falls.

Clayton Cady a Senior at CMR High School talks about his teacher.

Pace is a great teacher. I mean, he definitely shows you what it's like to be in, like, a normal work environment, and, he teaches you along the way. He's not hard on you. He definitely, definitely taught me a lot.

Kevin adds, I love that they leave here not just with the the knowledge of how to use a tool, but if they need to teach someone else how to use a tool, they understand working as a team, gets it done.

The Great Falls Public Schools and Neighborworks join forces in helping build a better community, while teaching these students carpentry skills that will build them a better future.