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Riverside Little League needs volunteers and board members

Posted at 3:53 PM, Dec 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-14 18:06:20-05

GREAT FALLS — Riverside Little League has been facing some challenges in finding new active board members. Board members said the youth baseball program does wonders for kids in the Great Falls community, but without the support of volunteers and community alike, the program's future could potentially be in doubt.

"You need a lot of manpower to get things going, and that seems to be the struggle lately, is getting more people involved, volunteers to help out, parents to help out," said Riverside Little League President Greg Schoby. "Even umpires, it's been a struggle."

The board meets once a month at the Black Eagle Community Center.

Schoby said they are trying to get more people involved as they are down to a bare minimum and don't want to see this effect the chances of the league continuing.

During the end of the year meeting, the board discusses new board members as well as new positions on the board. They are losing their umpire coordinator this year. Schoby said this will also be his last year.

"We're hoping to find somebody that would be able to do the position themself and have the same passion," Schoby said. "Baseball is one of those things that I have always been involved in."

Riverside Little League is located at 3707 Seventh Street NE.

Schoby said one of their major challenges pertains to running water.

"That has not been valid for the last two years," Schoby said. "We've been having these outhouses. Somewhere along the line, there's a break, a plug, and it costs money to figure that out. We've had people out there that have tried to help and get things figured out."

Schoby said he has worked with the city in addressing these issues. He said while they do lease the property, it's been difficult to get assistance.

"Running concessions is where some of our money comes from. There are certain things you can do with concessions, but without water for sanitizing purposes, they've run on what you can and can't do. Everything has got to be prepackaged, you can't cook burgers, you can't cook hot dogs. Ultimately, it comes down to being able to get assistance and some kind of help. Right now, it's been a struggle."

Schoby noted their top priority in getting new people involved in the board is crucial in determining a place for our community and way for kids to build relationships.

"Riverside Little League ultimately runs with a village of people and community support," he said. "Between funding and volunteers is what helps grow youth sports in Great Falls. I love being part of that process and watching the children grow and succeed in the sport and life. We need help to keep this program going and growing for the youth of our community."

For information on how you can volunteer or be part of the board, contact Greg Schoby: 406-403-5691. Click here to visit the website.