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Sales of used vehicles are increasing in Great Falls

Sales of used cars are increasing in Great Falls
Posted at 6:09 PM, Apr 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 20:23:05-04

GREAT FALLS — Reporter Cade Menter talked with Shane McMenamy, the manager of Sunshine Auto in Great Falls, about the increase in sales of used cars and trucks.

The pandemic took a toll on businesses around the world, and the automobile industry was no exception, as car sales were becoming increasingly difficult due to parts shortages.

But at Sunshine Auto, that isn't a problem, as McMenamy said he's never seen sales increase at such high rates in his 16 years.

"Covid had a huge impact in the car market," he said. "With the influx of people moving here, you had a ton on money being distributed for the Covid relief, and so there were tons of people that moved here, purchased new vehicles, and I don't think our market was ready for the influx of those people coming here."

While sales increases might always seem like a positive thing, it also presents challenges.

McMenamy said, "Inflation, obviously, is something that we are all experiencing in the retail markets, but the gas prices shooting up the roof right now, I'm starting to see a trend of people moving towards more fuel-efficient vehicles, smaller SUVs, little trucks, and of course cars."

While sales remain high, McMenamy also said that expects the curve to flatten as 2022 progresses and chip shortages begin to ease up.