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Summer Fun at the Water Park Amidst Price Hikes and Facility Upgrades

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Posted at 4:54 PM, Jul 10, 2024

GREAT FALLS — As summer temperatures soar, many are seeking relief at the Electric City Water Park. However, recent visits have revealed some changes that have sparked mixed reactions among visitors.

Price Increases and New Fees

The cost of admission has seen a notable increase this season, with youth tickets now priced at $7 and adult tickets at $10. Children aged three and under still enjoy free entry. Additionally, a credit card processing fee has been introduced, prompting some visitors to consider bringing cash for entry and concession purchases.

Kimberly Schur, the Aquatic Supervisor at the Great Falls Water Park, explained, "Prices went up as they do every year for every pool. Just everything is getting more expensive."

Despite the hike, most customers seem to be taking it in stride.

Mary and Kiara Schaffner, regular visitors to the park, shared their thoughts, "It's probably kind of bad because now some people might care about it more."

Facility Closures and Future Plans

In addition to the price changes, patrons have noticed that certain attractions, like the FlowRider and the baby pool, have been closed for an extended period. However, there are plans in place to address these issues.

Schur provided some insight, "The baby pool is turning into a splash pad. Construction will start in a couple of months, and it should be open next season. The FlowRider needs to be resurfaced. We're bringing in experts to teach our City of Great Falls team how to resurface it efficiently and effectively, so it doesn't have to be closed for years."

Staffing and Safety Measures

On a positive note, the water park has managed to avoid the staffing shortages that plagued previous seasons. Currently, 40 lifeguards are on staff, all certified through the Red Cross.

"We certify them after they've been hired. If they don't pass, we move them to a different position," Schur explained.

Water Levels and Customer Experiences

Some visitors have expressed concerns about the water levels appearing lower than in past years. Schur clarified, "Nope, they're the same as they always are. It does seem a little low, but I think I might have just gotten taller from last year. But it's three feet."

Despite these minor issues, the park remains a popular destination, especially during the recent heatwave.

Mary and Kiara Schaffner highlighted one of their favorite features, "Pretty much the lazy river. Sometimes it’s kind of dangerous because you get stuck in people's legs and stuff, but it's fun. It can get really crowded with a lot of people."

As the community continues to flock to the water park to beat the heat, these adjustments and improvements aim to enhance the overall experience for everyone.

The Electric City Water Park is at 100 River Drive South. Click here for more information.