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Sunnyside teachers take the freeze to make a fundraising splash

'Freezin for a Reason' raises money for Special Olympics
Posted at 8:41 AM, Feb 10, 2024

In a chilling twist of fundraising efforts, Sunnyside Elementary School is making a difference through their annual event aptly named ‘Freezin for a Reason.’ This initiative sees the school’s dedicated teachers subjecting themselves to ice cold water, all in the name of raising money for the Special Olympics of Montana.

“It’s a great reason to be freezing,” said Sunnyside teacher, Jessica Holt, who was one of three participating teachers to get splashed. “Our inclusion club has been doing this event which is a great cause, because we have the kids raise funds by putting tickets in teachers buckets or staff buckets and whoever is the top three staff members to get the most tickets has to freeze for a reason.”

Megan Schaak, a Sunnyside teacher and Special Olympics liaison said that the event, which has become a much-anticipated annual tradition, turns the usually serene school grounds into a lively spectacle of laughter and goodwill.

She said, “We fundraise for Special Olympics because we know that they're a very great organization and, we hold other fundraisers throughout the year but, this is by far the kids favorite and one of the most profitable ones as well.”

Freezing for a Reason
A Sunnyside teacher gets splashed

“I raised 5 dollars,” said Lucas Holt, a student who looks forward to the event every year. “My favorite part of today was probably seeing the principal get dunked.”

This year, $370 dollars was raised which prompted the principal to brave the chill as well.

The fundraiser was not only an icy thrill, but an effort in instilling the spirit of giving to students. “Some of the things that I try to teach during this fundraiser is having a giving spirit of putting in your hard-earned dollars into other areas of fundraising,” explained Mrs. Schaak.

‘Freezin for a Reason’ stands as a testament to Sunnyside’s commitment to community. Even a little frostbite can warm countless hearts when it’s for a good cause.