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The Loading Zone, Playground, and Buffalo Saloon are closing

Loading Zone, the Playground, and the Buffalo Saloon are closing
Posted at 7:02 PM, Sep 23, 2022

There have been rumors circulating for several weeks that the Loading Zone and its two associated properties - the Playground and the Buffalo Saloon - will close permanently after Friday, September 30.

The three are located on the 2400 block of 10th Avenue South.

On Wednesday, September 21, the Loading Zone made it official and posted a "Last Days At The Zone" event on Facebook.

In addition, the Playground posted on Facebook: "I’m saying this with a sad heart but after years of serving Great Falls and all you awesome customers we are closing our doors on the 30th of Sept."

Several employees also substantiated the rumors ahead of the official announcement, and so did the band 50 Watt Sun: "The mighty Loading Zone, Playground and the Buffalo will be closing their doors at the end of this month."

SO, that being said, we have TWO more weekends and TWO more chances to send the old girl off to dive bar heaven! The first opportunity comes THIS Saturday, as fate would have it, that we would be the last official band to play the Loading Zone stage. The second and LAST opportunity to party at the Zone will be September 30th! This is a call to all local musicians for an open jam session to celebrate and honor the massive impact the Loading Zone has had on all our musical lives.

There is no official word yet on what will become of the location.

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