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University of Providence hosts commencement ceremony

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Posted at 8:51 AM, Apr 28, 2024

The University of Providence in Great Falls hosted its 90th annual commencement ceremony on Saturday, honoring more than 80 graduates.

Kerri Koteskey, the registrar for the University of Providence, said this is what they look forward to the whole academic year.

“Commencement is really the culmination of a whole group of campus wide events. We have an events committee that starts meeting in the fall that puts together everything from our nursing and counseling openings to our senior dinner [and] we had an ‘eagle feather ceremony.’ Commencement is really the last of really a week of different activities and events and it's just a chance to celebrate our graduates in their accomplishments,” Koteskey said.

Graduating students and their families were honored by words of encouragement from the university provost, the board of trustees chair, the president of the university, as well as other speakers.

“The new student orientation is the start of the journey and commencement is really the celebration; It's the end of the academic year, which is a great success, as well as the culmination of a degree of study for students,” Koteskey said. “It's just a great celebration to see all of the students hard work come together on the stage.”

The core theme of the University of Providence is academic excellence. Faculty believe all graduates have achieved this accomplishment through their studies and participation across campus.

“We have about 82 graduates who are here with us, [and] we have lots of online graduates who didn't make it to campus, but we have a little over 80 that are with us today,” Koteskey said. “We appreciate the great team effort, [it took] lots of hands to make this happen and it'll be a great day for our university and our students.”