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University of Providence is hosting a scholarship fundraiser

University of Providence Argos
Posted at 6:05 PM, Aug 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-11 20:06:37-04

GREAT FALLS — College athletics are soon upon us for the University of Providence, and while they're preparing for their seasons, the college works to raise money for the school's scholarship fund. There are more than 300 athletes at the University of Providence, taking up most of their student body, with about 500 students in total. Most of the athletes and students are on scholarship with about 95% of students getting financial aid in some capacity through scholarships.

The college is hosting on one more fundraiser this month before school gets in session. One of their biggest fundraisers of the year is at the end of the month, in the form of a golf tournament at Eagle Falls.

"The University of Providence Golf Tournament coming up very important. It's a way that we can interact with the community,” Assistant athletic director Jim Sargent said. “We work with our coaches. They let us know where they need assistance, where they need some money, and we try to provide that for them. And the golf tournament is one way we do that."

Each year varies but it's estimated to raise anywhere from $12,000 to about $25,000 to go toward scholarships. The tournament has two parts, one being fundraising for the scholarship fund, and specific programs as well can sponsor a hole and help to also get fundraising directly for their program. The school does other fundraisers for non-athlete students as well, but this tournament helps make tuition as affordable as possible for student athletes like Taylor Christensen, who is on the volleyball team. She didn’t have to travel far, hailing from Belgrade, but the extra assistance helps.

"The volleyball team has helped the last couple of years organizing it and helping out,” Christensen said. “We're sad that we don't get help this year because we're hosting a home tournament, but it means a lot to the University of Providence, helps a lot of student athletes for sure get some scholarships. So it's really nice."

The school and coaches work with students on a case-by-case basis and everyone involved is looking forward to another year of Argos athletics.

“We always have the ability at any time to try to give a little help to somebody that needs it,” Athletic director Doug Hashley said.

“ A coach comes in and saysI have this kid. They really wants to attend the University of Providence. Can you help him? So we get together with financial aid. We look at the package where we are with our scholarship funds and normally the answer is yeah we can.”

The tournament is Friday August 26. You can contact Sargent for more info at