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Volunteers needed at Client Choice Food Pantry

Client Choice Food Pantry
Volunteers needed at Client Choice Food Pantry
Posted at 4:05 PM, Jun 06, 2024

GREAT FALLS — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on the new client-choice food pantry operated by the Salvation Army in Great Falls, and the need for volunteers to help run it.

The client choice food pantry works like a grocery store, where people can shop for food that suits their personal, dietary, or religious preferences.

Products range from fresh produce to household supplies, diapers, and even pet food. The only difference is - there’s no cash register. Visitors to the food pantry will check in with one of the case managers, and when their number is called they can grab a grocery cart. The food pantry can be utilized by individuals once a month.

There is no criteria to be able to use the food pantry - everyone is eligible. The Salvation Army Family Services Center and food pantry is located at 527 Ninth Avenue South.

If you would like to volunteer to help run the food pantry, call Teresa at 406-761-5660.

Paul Sanchez provided this transcript of the video:

The Clients Choice Food Pantry ran by the Salvation Army, has been giving so much to those in need in our community. Well, today they are asking for the community's help.

Major Michael Halverson of the Salvation Army shared with MTN News about their need for volunteers. Right now our real need is right here at the Family Services, the new Clients Choice Food Pantry. We've been able to see an increase of people that we've been helping almost a thousand families. We've actually been helping, this last month

Simply 1 or 2 hours of volunteering help services like this one provides so much to the community.

Major Halverson adds, there's only a few staff and we're just able to, you know, do only so much. So we just asking for help from the community.

Jacob Major a Volunteer at the Client Choice Food Pantry shared this, I really do feel like I'm doing something better and like helping others. You know, every day it seems like I'm just taking out boxes. And there are days where I'm like, I feel I feel like I've done something.

Major Halverson continues, The Salvation Army cannot do what we do without the support of the community. So, thank you for what you do, and thank you for what you will do to to help us out in the future.

Volunteering is such a wonderful way to give something back to our community. So if you have a few hours to spare or looking for a place to volunteer, the Client's Choice Food Pantry could use some helping hands.

For more information on how to Volunteer, call Teresa at 406-761-5660.

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