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Wadsworth Park offers outdoor fun

Wadsworth Park
Posted at 6:29 PM, Apr 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-24 20:32:10-04

GREAT FALLS — Spring weather is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. Wadsworth Park, just outside of Great Falls is ready to offer a lot of outdoor activities after seeing much improvement over the years

Wadsworth Park is starting to see more traffic with better weather. It’s also seeing increased wildlife, including the fish population. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks says fishing is the best it’s been in years.

More than 900 fish were transferred last year, and they encourage the public to enjoy it. In the time since then, the fish have been thriving - and rumor has it there’s some good-sized fish in there.

FWP education manager Dave Hagengruber says a lot has gone into improving the park and the quality has gone up.

“The fish are numerous and that’s really what’s important. The chance to catch a fish rather than wanting to catch the biggest fish although there are some big fish in here too,” Hagengruber said. “They sampled walleyes this spring up to eight pounds, which is pretty substantial. It’s a good diverse fishery, it’s near town, and it’s actually a little bit higher quality than it has been a while which is really nice to see.”

FWP said in a news release:

Improved management of Wadsworth Pond water levels by the West Great Falls Flood District and the City of Great Falls has resulted in improved water quantity and quality, allowing fish populations to rebound from previous years. Good numbers of walleye were sampled in 2021 including several fish over 8 pounds and the department transferred about 900 yellow perch before spawning to help re-establish the population. With the improved water levels, the Wadsworth Pond fishery is the best it has been in years, and we encourage local anglers to get out and enjoy this urban fishery.

Many people have already been taking advantage of the land this spring. Whether they’re in a kayak or with their dogs, many locals see why Wadsworth is worth the short trip.

Don Blatt is one local who brings his dogs on weekends when he can. They all get fresh air and exercise, enjoying the nature only ten minutes from his home.

“A little bit of nature just a few minutes from town. This is just nice recreation whether you’re walking around it or playing at the shore. People should be here enjoying it. So it’s good for people to get out, get some walking in, get some exercise in. But the dogs sure enjoy it,” Blatt said.

Wadsworth Pond is just outside of city limits on the west side, along Wilkinson Lane off of 34th Street NW.