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Wanted: donations to help fund Great Falls fireworks show

Posted at 4:12 PM, Jun 04, 2024

GREAT FALLS — In exactly one month, West Bank Park will light up the night sky of Great Falls with the annual Independence Day fireworks display. However, the foundation behind this beloved event, the People's Park & Recreation Foundation, needs your help to make it happen. While the city of Great Falls provides logistical support, it does not directly fund the fireworks display.

A Tradition Funded by Donations

Greg Hall, president of the People's Park & Recreation Foundation (PPRF), explained the funding history: "It used to be a city-paid event. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints many years ago, it was cut, and local businesses took over for a year. Since then, it's been funded solely by donations, supported by the People's Park & Rec Foundation."

All the money for the display comes from community donations. Hall highlighted the community's role: "Everything you see on the river on the evening of July 4th is funded by private donations through the People's Park & Rec Foundation. The last few fireworks displays have cost around $20,000. Once the display is over, we immediately start raising funds for the next year."

More Than Just Fireworks

The PPRF does more than organize the fireworks display.

Hall shared their broader mission: "We've been proud to bring significant improvements to various park venues. The People's Park & Rec Foundation is responsible for the Gibson Park lighting and shade sails. We've worked on the Four Bridges project and contributed to the Mansfield Center. Our fingerprints are all over the city. Over the past 15 years, we've distributed over $800,000."

The annual Independence Day fireworks display is a cherished tradition in Great Falls, and the PPRF plays a crucial role in making it possible. Community support is essential to continue this tradition and other improvement projects around the city.

How You Can Help

Currently, the foundation is about halfway to their goal. Hall mentioned a key fundraising effort: "If you folks out there check your utility bills, you'll see an insert from us. We usually get the first one out in June."

If you would like to donate or learn more, click here to visit the PPRF website.