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Wanted: new board members for the Children's Museum of Montana

Children's Museum Of Montana in Great Falls
Posted at 6:52 PM, May 20, 2024

The Children’s Museum of Montana in Great Falls is undergoing some changes as the fiscal year comes to an end. They are passionate about growing the children in our community, and that starts with a strong board of directors.

“The Children's Museum currently is in the middle of a kind of a critical reorganization. Our executive director, Sheri Neff, resigned in March, and so as a board we've just sat together for the past couple of months and really just talked about what the future of the museum is,” said Laura Ewalt, a current member on the board.

They are hoping to bring new board members to join their team, as well as creating two new roles.

Instead of one executive director, that role will now be split into two - a development director and an operations manager.

“We are looking for people with a variety of skills to come to our team, with the passion and the mission of the museum,” said Brenda Kelly, secretary for the board of directors. “The more that we have with that passion, the stronger that we're going to be, and the stronger that our board is, the better we can represent Great Falls for this amazing museum.”

With several projects in the works for the upcoming year, the Children's Museum of Montana is looking to grow their team to continue to build the children in the Great Falls community.

“I just felt like I could, coming away from owning a small business, I could join the board of directors and offer some different insights. I definitely have a passion for kids in our community and just want to make a difference,” Ewalt said.

Kelly added, “There's been a lot of learning going on and a lot of growth, and I have found leadership in myself more throughout the year, so I think being on a board has just been such an excellent way to grow yourself personally, and to do it at the happiest place in town is the best way to do it.”

For those interested in joining the board of directors for the Children's Museum of Montana, applications are available on the museum’s Facebook page or in person at the museum located at 22 Railroad Square Great Falls.

Children’s Museum of Montana
Children’s Museum of Montana in downtown Great Falls