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Barge on the river in Great Falls

Barge on the Missouri River in Great Falls
Why is there a barge on the river in Great Falls?
Why is there a barge on the river in Great Falls?
Posted at 8:29 PM, Sep 21, 2022

The City of Great Falls said in a news release that it has a contract with TD&H Engineering, Inc., for a geotechnical investigation across the Missouri River as part of the Lift Station #1 Repairs and Supplemental Force Main project.

The construction activity will consist of loading and unloading of barges carrying equipment along River Drive North at the pullout just west of the intersection of 6th Street North and River Drive North.

The contractor will be working in this area through September 28th 2022. During the construction period this section of the River Drive North and 6th Street North will be temporarily closed.

The contractor will provide flaggers and barricades in the area of construction.

City Commission meeting minutes provide the following background:

The existing Lift Station No. 1 (LS1) force main was constructed in 1979 and is the only river crossing for this section of the City’s sewer collection system. LS1 services the area including the original downtown, east to and including Malmstrom Air Force Base and Agritech Industrial Park, and south to 10th Avenue South. It pumps approximately one third of the City’s sewage across the Missouri River to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), via the LS1 force main.

The existing LS1 force main was constructed under emergency conditions in response to a failure of the 1959-installed crossing. The failure of the 1959 crossing resulted in a protracted, direct, and uncontrolled discharge of untreated sewage to the Missouri River. The construction of a redundant force main provides resilience and reliability in this segment of City-critical infrastructure; whereby, helping the City minimize/prevent the risk of service interruption, regulatory exposure and environmental damage associated with having a single point of failure.

This project will implement recommendations from the June 2021 Feasibility Study, including installation of a redundant force main crossing the Missouri River and improvements and repairs to the Sixth Street Pump Station (Lift Station No. 1) across the Missouri River to the City’s WWTP. The proposed design will also provide connections to the pumping station and the head works at the WWTP.

For more information about the Lift Station #1 Repairs and Supplemental Force Main project, contact Russell Brewer, Senior Engineer, at 406-771-1258.


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