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'Winter Pawlympics' supports Great Falls Animal Shelter

'Winter Pawlympics' support Great Falls Animal Shelter
Posted at 9:25 PM, Jan 21, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-21 23:37:18-05

In partnership with the Great Falls Animal Shelter, DogDash of Bozeman hosted the “Winter Pawlympics” on Sunday at the Great Falls Community Recreation Center.

“We’re here to celebrate dogs and give back to the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter,” said Christian Struthers, founder and owner of DogDash. “We got the indoor agility course, doggie ice cream eating contest, puzzle madness, we've got everything your dog could want.”

DogDash’s mission is to help dogs and their people stay together forever and live happy, healthy lives.

“You’re also strengthening the bond with your dog and that's why we started DogDash is to celebrate the bond that I had with Millie girl,” said Struthers. “By getting out with your dog, learning new things, conquering the obstacles that makes their brain sharper, that makes them closer to you, that makes them trust you and you trust your dog. Your relationship just flourishes.”

DogDash believes in partnering with animal shelters and rescue centers to help them continue the good work they do for dogs in the community.

“One hundred percent of profits from ticket sales, raffles, [and] merchandise for sale, it's all going back to the animal shelter to help with their vet bills and everything they do because every dog needs to be spayed or neutered when it goes in and all those different things,” Struthers said.

Only three years in, DogDash is making a lasting impact in Montana with events such as the “Winter Pawlympics” that benefited dogs and dog-owners alike, while also giving back to the City of Great Falls Animal Shelter.

“Our goal is to become a non-profit sanctuary, a dog sanctuary here in Montana.”